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The West Is Doomed If It Does Not Wake Up!

The Islamic supremacist drumbeat keeps beating, and the West keeps sleeping through it. We are told that we cannot “blaspheme” a barbarian pedophile named Mohammad. Why? Because it might piss off the buggers, and they might riot and kill. Well, if they want to riot and kill over a little blasphemy, they need to be  killed, put in prison, or re-educated. Nothing should be done to the messenger. The very suggestion that insulting the “feelings” of Muslims is wrong is probably the most dangerous single threat to democracy that can exist. Muslims need to get used to being insulted, just like every member of every other religion. They worship a barbarian pedophile; their “religion” is a misogynistic wet dream; they have no concept of reality, and they have no claim to speciality.

A recent news article has been making the rounds that a night-club in Aguila, in Murcia, southeastern Spain called “Mecca” had to change it’s name due to the threats of violence from the “religion of peace”. The fact that they caved in and changed the name of the night-club is as disgusting as the fact that supposed leaders like Islamic apostate Barack Hussein Obama, and moronic millionaire Michael Bloomberg, side with people like the incredibly fat and disgusting Michael Moore and support the supremacist Islamic mega-Mosque at Ground Zero. How could this happen? Well, when you consider that Islamic threats have caused Molly Norris to adopt a new identity and go into hiding because she suggested “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day“, I guess it is not too surprising that a night club would change it’s name due to Islamic threats of violence. (Where is the FBI to protect US citizens?) And the New Jersey Transit Authority proves that incompetence is no reason for job dismissal, but exercising one’s First Amendment Right is, by firing Derek Fenton for burning a Koran on his own time. One has to shake his head and wonder if the United States is, REALLY, done. Stick a fork in it. (I do not mean to imply that Derek Fenton was in any way incompetent; I only mean that how often do you hear about a government employee being fired for incompetence? Almost never. They only get fired when they exercise their rights, but piss off their superiors by doing so. As much as I generally disagree with the ACLU and similar groups, I am hoping that Derek Fenton becomes very wealthy from this clearly wrongful firing.)

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