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The West Needs More Brutal Dictators in the Muslim World–Why We Now Bomb for Assad

Lets face it, we need more brutal dictators to rule the Muslim world. While I supported getting rid of Saddam Hussein because he did support al Qaeda, almost certainly had chemical weapons, and was probably involved in the Oklahoma City bombing, I did not support war efforts once he was gone. When George Bush infamously announced “Mission Accomplished” on the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, that is where we should have left the Middle East. The mission was accomplished; Saddam Hussein was out of office and his military machine was dismantled.

But, we then got into the absolute insanity of trying to bring liberal democracy to a majority Muslim nation. That is insane! Islam and liberal democracy are completely incompatible. Islam is based on the Koran and Sharia law. The Koran was written over 1300 years ago by ignorant barbarians. Mohammad, if he ever existed,  was an insane, epileptic, barbarian, misogynist, megalomaniac, pedophile and Allah was his sock-puppet. The “teachings” of the Koran and Sharia law have no place in the modern, civilized (relatively, at least) world. The fact of the matter is that the only thing Muslims understand is strength. Without strength, their “society” breaks down to war between various factions; the Sunni hate the Shia, the Shia hate the Kurds, and everybody hates the Suffis. (To paraphrase Tom Lehrer’s “National Brotherhood Week” song.)

Thus, before our ill-fated overthrow of Saddam Hussein, Iraq was a fairly quiet country. Sure, Saddam imprisoned a lot of people and gassed some more, but I think that the majority of today’s Iraqi citizens would say that life was better before 2003. The same is true of life in Libya. While Gadaffi was a weird and wacky dictator, at least he kept a reign on the various factions of Islam in Libya. (In fact, he was trying to unite Africa, financially, against the West in an economic sense and this may have been why we decided to kill him off. We must remember that he gave up his weapons of mass destruction after he saw what we did to Hussein. Also, he was actually using his vast wealth to try to make the lives of many Libyans better, although this story has not been widely reported in the West and I have not had enough time to research it, so I don’t know how true it is. But, I do know that Libya was a far more peaceful place while Gadaffi was alive.)

Now, lets look at Egypt. Egypt was ruled sith an iron fist by Mubarak. He was widely hated, and one of his enemies was Barack Obama. Obama wanted him out and the Muslim Brotherhood brought into power in his place. Anyone who has even a passing familiarity with the Muslim Brotherhood realizes that it is a terrorist organization, just like the organizations affiliated with it such as Hamas, al Qaeda, CAIR, AL-Nusra, and others. As soon as Egyptians threw out Mubarak and the Muslim Brotherhood took over, Christians were persecuted and killed and Christian churches were burned down. Egypt became an Islamic hell-hole. Fortunately, the military leader, Al-Sissi, took over. Since then, Egypt has been somewhat pacified, although it is certainly not a place where I would ever consider going.

So, now we see the situation in Syria. Over a year ago, Obama said that Al-Assad “must go”. But, he wisely did nothing to displace him. (Note I said wisely; that may be the only time you hear me praise Obama.) Now, we are acting as his air force to bomb the Islamic State. Of course, bombing will not do much without boots on the ground. And, because the Islamic State represents a fairly true implementation of Islam and Sharia law, and there are obviously tens of millions of Muslims that are behind ISIS, at least in spirit, we will not be getting anything more than tepid support from majority Muslim nations.

The only lasting solution to the problem of Islam will require a complete re-education of Muslims. Given that hundreds of millions of Muslims are indoctrinated with Islam from birth, that is highly unlikely to happen in the next hundred years. True, we were able to force the “re-education” of Japanese after WWII so that they no longer believed that the emperor was a god, but we had to use 2 atomic bombs to accomplish that re-education, and we only had a few tens of millions of people that had to be re-educated. Today, the most popular Muslim cleric, Mohammad Al-Areefi  (1), has almost 10 million twitter followers and his speeches are totally supportive of the Islamic State. That is more than twice as many followers as the Pope. So, we have a problem. And, until the government and the media admits that the problem IS Islam, we cannot hope to win this war. So, why did we waste over $3,000,000,000,000 in Iraq and Afghanistan, and why are we continuing to waste our national treasure, both in terms of money and lives, fighting wars in Muslim countries?

1. Thanks to Sam Harris for that factoid call out.

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