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Third World Nation Representatives Get Their Panties In A Knot In Copenhagen

It seems the leaks related to Copenhagen and climategate will not stop! First, we had the leaked e-mails and documents from the Climate Research Center. The files were supposedly stolen by a Russian hacker, but I suspect it was an “inside job” by someone whose conscience finally caught up with them, realizing the apparent level of the fraud, and the cost to the world economy of Al Gore’s imagination. ($552 trillion in 21st century, alone, according to the UN!) As somebody quipped, it looks like Al Gore might have his dreams of becoming the first climate billionaire destroyed by the internet that he invented.  Then, you had the leak of an e-mail from a global warmingista to the science reporter at the NY Times, Andrew Revkin. This supporter had been a staunch friend of the global warming true believers, but made the apparently unforgivable transgression in a recent posting of giving mention to Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr., a person who is not particularly kind to the global warming fraud. To make things even worse, Revkin mentioning that prostitutes in Copenhagen would offer their services for free to the attendees of the climate conference.

But now, you have yet another leak. This is called the “Danish Text“. I have to admit that it is a strange document, but then most government documents are strange in their wording. They seem to be nothing but platitudes and a recitation of correct terms and political correctness. This document is no different. In fact, interestingly, I found two mentions in it of the importance of “gender equality”. In section I. “A Shared Vision for Long-Term Cooperative Action” it states, in part:

The Parties recognize the urgency of addressing the need for enhanced action on adaptation to climate change. They are equally convinced that moving to a low-emission economy is an opportunity to promote continued economic growth and sustainable development in all countries recognizing that gender equality is essential in achieving sustainable development. In this regard, the Parties:

I guess putting “gender equality” into the document is sort of like having to use the words “global warming” or “climate change” in virtually any grant application, no matter what the topic of the grant. But, it goes on, in more ridiculous, “feel good, government gobbledygook” to state in section II “Adaptation”:

The adverse effects of climate change are already taking place and are posing a serious threat to the social and economic development of all countries. This is particularly true in the most vulnerable developing countries, which will be disproportionally affected. The adverse impact of climate change will constitute an additional burden on developing countries´ efforts to reduce poverty, to attain sustainable development and to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Both adaptation and mitigation efforts are fundamental to the fight against climate change. Adaptation must include action to reduce risk and vulnerability, taking into account gender equality, and build resilience in order to reduce the threats, loss and damages to livelihoods and ecosystems from disasters caused by extreme
weather events and from slow-onset events caused by gradual climate change.

There’s that “gender equality” again. Maybe they are trying to tell the Muslim countries something, since their Sharia law institutionalizes a lack of gender equality, and a huge number of the attendees are from Muslim nations. I don’t know, but it is strange. But then, they talk about how  “adverse effects of climate change are already taking place and are posing a serious threat to the social and economic development of all countries.” Really? Name one case where climate change has caused disasters and has threatened social and economic development. And, don’t say hurricane Katrina. That was caused by a failure of government, stupid politics, and human stupidity. There have been very powerful hurricanes in that area before, and there will probably be worse ones in the future. It is simply stupid to build a large city in a hurricane-prone region that is under sea level. And, by the way, even more stupid to rebuild, since you know it will happen again. Move inland! And, this simple principle of mitigating effects from climate change, if it is happening, makes the most sense. People worry about low-lying island nations in the Pacific, like Tuvalu. The biggest danger to them is not gradual sea level rise; it is tsunamis. It is just a matter of time, and you can’t plan for a tsunami. Rather than spending trillions of dollars on trying to reduce CO2, which has not been proven to be doing anything harmful, anyway, it would make more sense, and cost a lot less, to just move them to Australia, or somewhere on higher ground. But, such simple solutions seem to be too complicated for the global warmingistas.

But, these items are not what got the third world nations so upset. It was, I think, a combination of being divided into two classes of third world nations. The document talks about “developing countries” and “least developed countries”. I guess if you are a 2 bit dictator from a third world country, it is humiliating to be told that you are from a “least developed country.” And, to make matters worse, they were told that they would not get all of the manna from heaven ($$$$) that they expected to get. Oh my, they may not be able to pay for that private jet that whisked them to Copenhagen in style, or pay for the $470 meal tabs; but at least the chicks are free. And, as a final blow, the document pretty much does away with Kyoto and also lessens the role of the UN in the whole scam. And, as any self-respecting 2 bit dictator knows, what can be better than a scam, especially when it is run by the UN. (Think oil for food, just for one example.)

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