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Those Who Say Temps and CO2 Have Never Been Higher Have Some ‘Splainin To Do

OK, I don’t want this to be a long and detailed post. And, I am not going to waste the time and energy to make the graphs easy to understand, since I realize that most people are totally illiterate when it comes to math and science anyway. Thus, they believe the total bullshit handed out in “schools” and by the government. (If they would only think, and realize that the only real purpose of any government, whether that of the United States or the UN, is the total control of people and money, they would realize that global warming was a creation of the globalists so as to be able to control your lives and your fortunes.)

But, here are some data points to look at. Now, you must understand that “today” is on the right side of the graph. In other words, the left side of the graph was 525 million years ago. (OK, I realize I just lost at least 40% of stupid Americans, including Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin, who believe the earth has only been here for 6500 years and that man used to walk among the dinosaurs just like Fred Flintstone; I could only dream that scientific literacy was a prerequisite for voting. But, as George Bush has shown with his total lack of scientific literacy, believing that a few cells in a petrie dish is human being, it is sadly allowable for the leader of the free world to be scientifically illiterate.)
Anyway, getting back to the graph. A long time ago is on the left. The present is on the right. Even more confusing is the scale for temperature. I don’t know why the authors did their graph this way, but they did. In the middle graph, high temperatures (greenhouse) are toward the bottom of the graph, while low temperatures (icehouse) are towards the top of the graph. Knowing that, it is obvious that it is becoming warmer, because you see the temperature graph going down on the right-hand end. But, what is more important is the fact that it is usually much warmer than it is today. (Around 22C vs about 15C today.) It is also clear that the cooler periods (icehouse), like we are now leaving, are shorter-lived than the greenhouse periods that have dominated climate over the last 525 million years. So, you can instantly see that not only has it been warmer before, but it has been warmer most of the time before.
Now, lets look at another fallacy of the global warmingistas. They claim that CO2 has never been higher. Well, if you look at CO2 concentrations, in parts per million (ppm) on the top graph, you see that CO2 is almost 0 today. The last time it was that low was about 250 million years ago! In the last 150 million years, CO2 concentration has decreased, almost steadily, from about 2000 ppm to about 300 ppm today. The slight rise from 300 to 330 ppm is meaningless in terms of the total range of CO2 over the last 525 million years. If you look at the graph, there is NO correlation between temperature and CO2. However, if you look at the graph, there does appear to be a very good correlation between GCR (galactic cosmic rays) and temperature. You will see that about 20 million years after GCR levels peak, temperature dips to minimums (icehouse). Similarly, a few dozen million years after GCR levels decrease, temperatures peak out at the “greenhouse” levels.
I believe that the global warmingistas do not understand climate change. They have admitted as much in the climate gate e-mails, since they said that they can’t explain a number of lacks of correlation between temperature and CO2 levels. What we have been “seeing” over the last 30 to even 200 years is nothing more than “decimal dust” as a friend of mine used to say. If nothing else, this single set of graphs clearly shows that there is NO significant long term correlation between CO2 and temperature, that temperatures have not only been much higher than they are today, but that higher temperatures have been the norm, and CO2 levels have also been much higher in the past.
Is it possible that we are in for an extended period of global warming? The graphs would seem to indicate that. The fact that the earth has usually been warmer than it is today would seem to indicate that. But, the critical thing to remember is that these are NATURAL changes. Spending trillions of dollars on the reduction of carbon dioxide will do nothing to change things, because it is not the root cause of climate change. That money and those regulations are only a way for governments and the UN to cripple and enslave the people of the world. 10 or 20 years from now, the climate will be what the climate will be, no matter what regulations and taxes are imposed on the population of the world. The only difference will be that some people will be poorer for the taxation and some will be richer. The temperature will be what the temperature will be.

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    hey you stupid ignorant fuck. go fucking die man. its 131 degrees F. and that is 15 degrees higher than it has ever been here. we are all dying here. its too time hot

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