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Thoughts On Reports That Oil Rig Off Louisiana May Have Been Torpedoed by North Korea

The European Union Times has reported that the United States has ordered a news blackout over North Korean torpedoing of a Gulf of Mexico oil rig. Personally, I doubt if this report is true, but I don’t totally dismiss it, either. (The part about having to use a nuclear weapon to stop the spread of the oil spill is  ludicrous.) BUT, it could have happened. In fact, Stratfor has now reported, as many of us suspected, that the South Korean warship that was sunk on March 26, 2010 was torpedoed by a North Korean vessel.

North Korea is “feeling its oats” and embarking on increasingly dangerous and provocative activities. It has also been reported that they are getting ready for another nuclear test.  And, of course, if North Korea, or any other nations or organizations, like al Qaeda, wanted to do maximum damage to the United States, they would simply explode a few nuclear weapons above our country. These could easily be fired from a ship a few hundred miles off the coast, and, as I have reported earlier, Iran has practiced just this exercise. If we were hit with an EMP attack, again, as I have reported, experts have testified before Congress that the result would be the death of about 90% of all Americans within a year, because without electricity we would be thrown back into the 19th century, and we cannot support more than about 10% of the population in that situation. But, of course, Congress does nothing about this. They worry about non-issues that they think will get them re-elected, like health care. Of course, the real reason they want control of health care is so that even more Americans are dependent upon the government, thus giving the government even more control over our lives.

One of the things that I have found amazing is that al Qaeda has not blown up some oil rigs yet. They certainly have the suicide wackjobs to do the job, and they certainly have the ships. The environmental damage of such an attack would be easy to imagine, along with the financial damage, which are both goals of the Islamists. Of course, the extreme damage that will be done by this attack will only shine a light on this form of attack, and I suspect we will see them in the future, if this was not the first such attack. It has been reported that al Qaeda may own as many as 15 cargo ships that could be used for many different types of attacks.

It should be pointed out that Obama has announced that the Department of Defense may get involved in the situation, and he also said that he is ordering SWAT teams to be sent to oil rigs in the Gulf. This sounds strange to me. Between the mention of the Department of Defense, and the deployment of SWAT teams to other oil rigs, it does suggest that this might be more than just an accident. Of course, Rush Limbaugh and others have suggested that the explosion on Earth Day, right as the government is trying to ram through Cap and Tax, just like they rammed through health care, with an apparently totally dedicated and determined  objective of destroying America as we have known it, and enslaving it’s people, may be a little too convenient of a coincidence.

Things will get interesting. In the mean time, stock up on sea food. It is going to get very expensive.

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