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Thoughts On The Iowa Debate, Straw Poll, And The 2012 Election

I don’t normally do pieces like this because I feel that all politics is primarily show business for ugly people and the only thing that most politicians care about is being re-elected. But, the Iowa debate and the results of the straw poll were interesting and significant. The event was a huge win for Ron Paul, contrary to what you are hearing in most of the main stream media that is touting the events as a huge win for Bachmann. Considering that she was highly favored, and then adding the fact that Ron Paul was less than 1% behind her vote tally, the real story is that this was a huge win for Ron Paul.

As a libertarian, my tendency is to root for Ron Paul, although I disagree with his stand on abortion. But, at least he knows that you cannot legislate abortion away from what I have heard him say. While I  am certainly not in favor of late-term abortions, I don’t have a problem with a woman getting an abortion shortly after she misses her period if she is in a situation where she does not want to be pregnant or cannot afford a child.  The libertarian party view on abortion is that it is between the woman and her doctor; it is not the business of the State. And, I don’t believe that Paul would try to criminalize abortion, which cannot be said of candidates like Bachmann, Pawlenty, Santorum, Palin, and others. Such lunacy would only force poor women to have children they can’t afford, while the wealthier women would simply take a trip to a state or country where they could get an abortion.

The big problem that I had with Ron Paul’s position was that he clearly does not understand the danger posed by Islam, and Iran in particular. Yes, we should get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. We should have abandoned those Muslim Hell-holes years ago, and simply isolated them and put them, along with Pakistan, under a travel ban, so that nobody could travel to or from them and the United States until they abandoned Islam and came into the 21st century. We did it with South Africa, and it eventually eliminated their system of Apartheid. We should have dropped the travel ban with Cuba once they returned their nuclear missiles to Russia. (Although I understand that Florida would have been flooded with Cubans wanting to get out of one of the remaining Communist Hell-holes left in the world, along with North Korea, and, soon, Venezuela.) In the case of Muslim countries, we are stupidly trying to bring democracy to a people that are too stupid and too brainwashed with Mohammad’s insane rantings, and those of his sock-puppet Allah,  to have democracy; thus, we are wasting our time, money,  and the lives of our brave and dedicated servicemen and servicewomen. But, to state that Iran is not a danger is like saying that North Korea is not a danger. They are both dedicated to a common goal; the destruction of the United States. Iran is also dedicated to the destruction of Israel, along with dominating the Muslim world.

Education was mentioned in the debate, but it was not stressed as it should have been. One of the fundamental reasons why the United States is failing in the world economy is that its people are no longer sufficiently educated to create, innovate, and compete in the world marketplace. Mitt Romney hit the nail on the head when he stated that he would like to staple a green card to the diploma of anyone who received a PhD in physics. As someone who has spent over 14 years taking various graduate level (mostly solid state physics) courses at a top US university, I saw first hand that most of the graduate level science students were foreign students. Yes, I also took some graduate level business courses, and there were plenty of US students there seeking their MBAs. But, in graduate school courses related to electrical engineering and/or physics, there were virtually NO US students. They were either too stupid to get into the program, or the smart ones felt that they could make more money on Wall Street, and so went for the MBA. (And, unfortunately, they were correct in the thought that they could make more money on Wall Street. While a person who graduates with a master’s degree or PhD in electrical engineering or physics can certainly make a lot more money than someone with just a BS degree in those fields, or even advanced degrees in other fields, they are far behind what many make on Wall Street with an MBA.) And, we all saw what the “best and brightest” did to the economy due to their extremely speculative derivatives trading a couple of years ago. While many of those people deservedly lost their jobs, many not only maintained their “jobs” to strike again, but got obscene bonuses thanks to TARP that engineers and physicists could not even dream about. I’ll get to free market capitalism later, in case some want to point their fingers at the massive failure and financial damage caused by derivatives trading as an example of why capitalism must be curtailed. In a truly free market, those individuals who were responsible for those gross errors of judgment would have been severely punished, perhaps even criminally, and the and their employer banks and hedge funds would certainly not have been bailed out. They would have gone the way of the dinosaurs, and you could be sure that people in similar positions in the future would think twice about committing such absurd practices. And, of course, some regulation is necessary. If S&P and other ratings agencies had been doing their jobs, alarm bells would have gone off and been heard. As for the mortgage meltdown, that was caused by the government, starting with the Community Reinvestment Act, and morons like Barny Frank and Barack Obama pressuring banks to make irresponsible loans that no sane, prudent banker would ever have made. In a sense, the derivatives were a response by the banks to try to protect themselves from government imposed irresponsibility in that they wanted to get these toxic assets off their balance sheets. If the government had not enforced artificially low interest rates (as they are still doing) and forced banks to make loans to people who any sane person with any concept of how the mortgages worked and who could do a little basic math, would have known were doomed to default, the whole mess would never have happened. But, we don’t have educated Americans who can understand the basic mortgage contract that they were signing, let alone do the math to determine what was going to happen to their mortgage payments in a year or two. I will get to that major education problems later.

Personally, I thought that the winner of the debate was Herman Cain. I don’t know enough about him to know if I would ever vote for him, but at least he did not say anything that would cause me to exclude him from the race. While I’ll probably vote for the libertarian candidate, I would love to vote for a republican unless he or she disqualifies themselves, since I know that the libertarian candidate will not win. (Ron Paul was the libertarian candidate for a number of years. If he could start to recognize the Islamic threat in the same way that Herman Cain so obviously recognizes it, I could see voting for him.)

Cain made a big mistake, however, when questioned about his former comments about Mitt Romney’s Mormon religion. Instead of confronting Romney on this important issue, he danced around it like any true politician. He should have asked if Mitt believed in his magic underwear. (Was he wearing his magic underwear during the debate?) He should have asked how he could believe in a religion that was, like Islam, invented by a womanizing con-man. He should have asked how Mitt could believe such absurd things as the Mormon belief that the North American Indians were descended from the Israelites, and how he could believe the Book of Mormon, since it was definitively proven that the book was a complete fabrication by Joseph Smith (the inventor of the Mormon religion.)

Other ways that some republican candidates have disqualified themselves involve voting for cap and trade legislation, which is nothing than a wealth transfer program that will needlessly cripple the economy. I have recognized for years that global warming is a total scam.  I was among a fairly small, but very vocal group, a few years ago, who tried to get the American Physical Society to change their official stance on “global warming”. While our group included many scientists, and at least one Nobel Prize winner, we were mostly ignored, or, at best, accommodated as oddities. The fix was in on “global warming”. Far too many scientists and university and government laboratories depended on “global warming” research grants to keep them thriving. But now, more and more people are recognizing the scam for what it is, as more evidence against man-made global warming becomes public, and good science relating to the real cause of climate change is becoming available. (Think cosmic rays.) But, republicans have a major problem with science; they are, for the most part, scientifically illiterate. And this illiteracy matters, and it costs lives; millions of lives. George Bush is, or will be, directly responsible for the deaths of tens, or even hundreds, of millions of people, because of his stupid ban on stem cell research in the United States. Because of his ignorance of science,  a whole generation (and counting) of American scientists has been prevented from going into the field of stem cell research, unless they want to learn a new language and move to South Korea or some other country  to earn their PhDs and perform their research. Eventually, lives will be saved by stem cell research, but every person who dies do to the delay in the research caused by his illiterate decision is his responsibility.  A person has a constitutional right to have an imaginary friend, but that right has to be curtailed when it causes the death of innocents, or controls the actions of others. And, don’t give me the argument that destroying a blastocyst  (group of a few cells) that is used in stem cell research is killing a human being. Even if it was, those cells were going to just get thrown out, anyway, so it is better to have put them to good use in stem cell research.

We need to get America back to work. We need to revive the middle class in the United States. But, the destruction of the country that started with the social programs that were  instituted by FDR, expanded by LBJ, and that have culminated in the lunacy and spending orgasm of BHO is going to take years to repair. And, the only hope is to do things to restore the educational system of the United States, starting with the elimination of the Department of Education. Since they took over, along with the democrats, and concentrated on teaching how great it was that Suzy has two mommies and Billy has two daddies, rather than teaching the subjects that matter in the modern world, like math and science, American students have become a laughing stock. They are some of the stupidest students in today’s world in the areas of math and science, even though we spend far more money on education than any other nation. We need to stop the social welfare programs that pay people to sit home and have babies or wait for “a better job”. If you have been out of work for more than a few months, your expectations are way too high or you enjoy living off someone else’s money. It seems as if most Americans don’t realize the simple fact that for the government to give someone something–anything–it must first steal it from someone else in the form of taxes. If we did not continue to pay unemployment benefits for years, rather than a couple of months, people would simply take the best jobs they could get. Eventually, they could get better jobs. But, many of the former high paying jobs are gone, thanks to unions that forced ridiculous and non-competitive wages and benefits on companies, thus forcing those companies to move their operations to countries that had more realistic wages and benefits. We also need to hold parents accountable for their children. It is time to stop drugging a huge percentage of students whose only real disease is incompetent parents and lazy school administrators who are both afraid of disciplining and controlling the students. In today’s school system, almost 1/3 of high school students don’t even graduate How can such students expect more than a job where all they have to do is pick vegetables or ask “Do you want fries with that?” The idea that Obama is going to give waivers to schools that are so bad, and whose teachers and administrators are so incompetent, that too many students cannot meet the basic standards is just one example of how this administration, and the whole educational system, is on the wrong path. You don’t improve the education of the students by giving waivers for incompetence; you fire the incompetents and bring in people who can do the job. This is partially another problem caused by strong unions. The teachers unions have made firing incompetent teachers almost impossible, while preventing people who don’t have “the right credentials” from becoming teachers. By that, I mean that there are many highly competent scientists and engineers in the United States who would be fantastic teachers in the area of math and science, because they actually have rigorous training in math and science, often at the graduate level. While some of them could get jobs in Universities, and most could get jobs at community colleges or technical trade schools, most cannot get jobs as high school teachers, because they don’t have the “right credentials”, which would be things like extensive training in child psychology and other soft sciences that are really not needed to teach math, physics, biology, and other hard sciences. It is these subjects that American students need be be proficient in, and the candidates need to address these kinds of problems and present fixes for these problems. I don’t hear any candidates talking about such issues, however. But, in a state that some like to tout as a machine of job growth, a 1988 University of Texas survey of 400 Texas high school biology teachers found that 19% of those teachers believed that man walked among the dinosaurs! That is the so-called “yabba dabba do” fantasy of creationists. (As reported in an article on page E2 of the Waco Tribune-Herald on September 11, 1988.) I feel sorry for the students of such scientifically illiterate teachers because if they are ever able to even get into college,  they are going to have to go through serious remedial training in the field of science (especially biology) after being subjected to that mind-boggling degree of incompetence. And, newer surveys show that things are not getting significantly better, and Texas is not the only state where people, including science teachers, are scientifically illiterate. We cannot expect to flourish in the 21st century if education is not dedicated to teaching the facts about science and leaving out the myths, lies, and legends.

Perhaps the fact that Americans are so scientifically illiterate that they don’t understand evolution in even the most rudimentary form helps to explain the almost complete lack of economic knowledge displayed by so many Americans (including politicians). Anyone who believes that capitalism does not work, and that socialism or communism is better, simply does not understand the “invisible hand” of capitalism, as described by Adam Smith hundreds of years ago. It also explains why so many people think that raising taxes is a way to solve the economic problems. Raising taxes decreases tax revenues, as has been shown time and time again, and it accomplishes nothing but punishing achievers and rewarding the lazy and the losers. Just look at the economic mess in most of the European Union; that problem, caused by economic stupidity and the widespread incorporation of socialism, is finally coming home to roost; the other person has run out of money, and it is all going to come crashing down, as it will soon do in the United States. Free market capitalism is much like evolution in that it is self-regulating and seemingly undirected. Yet, because of incremental change and adaptation, it results in the optimal system. Most of the problems we have seen with “capitalism” in the United States has been caused by government attempting to control and direct capitalism, with the inevitable disastrous unforeseen consequences.

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  1. Ben says:

    I’m an atheist. My Caucasian mother became a Muslim when I joined the army for college a month before 9-11. Funny circumstances.

    I diss many religions. But religion isn’t the cause of stupidity. Without religion, people would still guard their illogical beliefs about anything. People are surprising dumb by their own nature. They assume they are wise, logical, and level-headed about hard science facts, but in reality, they do not know how to think, interpret, and question matters about… life.

    This psychology of the human condition explains why so many people are stuck in their own minds, own way of thinking, and never truly learn because they seek out answers that back their already biased beliefs.

    People naturally want “yes men” to be around them. They want to not question anything. They want to be stupid sheep. They also want conformity and love fear mongering.

    So while I’m always worried about the freaks who stir up a furor in their beliefs, I realize generalizations about those freaks, to a large audience, is counter-productive to getting through to the audience.

    I’m just as worried about red-necks in the American midwest, with their guns and mentality to threaten to shoot people against them (like wolf preservation currently on my mind).

    So while I never take it personally against my mom, when others insult Islam, cause I know it doesn’t apply to her, or her very liberal Mosque (they worry for the “souls” of gays, but want them to be happy in gay relationships… yeah I know), I always find it hard when I read opinions of others who I think may be intelligent but are they themselves swinging into a direction of looking for “yes men” for their beliefs. Especially, when their beliefs are close to mine, but zealously so. Because their exposition of their view, could make it look bad for the rest of us, and turn people away.

    One case in point, is your global warming view. Many scientists, just like politicians, spin words to favor their income supply. Everyone is jumping in on the global warming and going green bandwagon. And, the world naturally has global warming periods all on its own. But just because scientists may spin facts and the globe can warm naturally doesn’t mean the last hundred years have been natural.

    Ice core samples show how CO2 is the highest it has ever been in the last 400,000 years. Whether CO2 caused warming, or warming cause CO2 is not known, but CO2 has risen dramatically in just 150 years. Coupled with oceanic studies, this CO2 excess seems to be causing the oceans to lose their heat sink efficiency, which is causing a prolonged temperature maintenance in higher than normal temperatures, with a potential to increase.

    The world would adapt. But not without a large loss of biodiversity. Dead zones in the oceans from increased algae blooms (the combination of runoff pollution and warmer water) sucks O2 out of the water killing off life.

    Whether global warming is caused by CO2 increase is not entirely the point. The point is the fact humans ignore their mass destruction of the environment assuming it is large enough to take anything. Whales in the Pudget Sound area near Seattle are filled with a chemical toxin from industry pollution. It is making males sterile and killing young. The ocean is highly over-fished, with species that 100 years ago were abundant now being rare catches. Honey bees are unknown why they are suffering colony collapse. Frogs around the world are dying for unknown reasons. And a proven mass extinction is already in place caused by human destruction.

    I view global warming with a grain of salt. I look at it as a whole and a message to clean up how humans do mass production. We have all the technology now to never need to pollute or endanger the environment, yet it is cheaper to take the easy way out. And, fines are viewed as a cheaper fee than doing what is right.

    Systems being overburdened is not in question. And humans causing it is also not in question. The question is how much is human caused, and how much is nature. If something is found to be nature, but humans overstressed the ability for the environment to normally adapt, then by fault it is still human caused is it not?

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