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Time Magazine Shows Its Lunacy Again

In the March 15, 2010 edition of Time Magazine”, in the Briefing section, they have a short article on ice calving in Antarctica. In part, the article states:

Owing in part to warming global temperatures, Antarctica is loosing ice all the time–about 24 cu. mi (100 cu km) worth each year–a development that is slowly but steadily raising global sea levels, and scientists worry that climate change could suddenly accelerate that vast melting. But the models indicate that ice loss should be happening on the western edge of the continent, where it is warmer, not in the much cooler east. No doubt there are complicated scientific reasons for this…

And they call this journalism? “Complicated scientific reasons”? Why not do a few minutes of research, or just use a little common sense, and you can see how many problems the brief quotation above has in it. They are correct when they point out that “Antarctica is loosing ice all the time”, but they should have added “and it always has been”. Think about it. It is cold in Antarctica. Very cold. Temperatures of 50 below zero (and at that temperature, who cares whether we are talking Fahrenheit or Celsius; it is about the same) are common.  A few degrees, or even a few 10s of degrees of “global warming” is not going to make any difference. Water is still going to be frozen! But, as it snows over Antarctica, the ice sheet, which is thousands of feet thick in most places, gets thicker. As it gets thicker, the pressure from the sheer weight of the snow presses the snow outwards. Eventually, that ice sheet meets the ocean. As it get further pressed out from the pressure of the weight of the ice, it eventually is squeezed out over the water, and breaks off, or calves, to form an ice berg. The best analogy that I can think of is to think of a mass of pie dough. As you press on it from the top with your hands or a rolling pin, it expands out horizontally. If you did that at the edge of your counter, as the dough expands out over the edge of the counter, just like the ice sheet in Antarctica expands out beyond the actual land mass of the Antarctica, a section of the dough will “calve” and fall on the floor.  That process is actually due to cold temperatures causing ice to continue to build up, not melting as we are lead to believe by the warmingistas. And, that is why the “models” fail.

Also, here is another glaring example of the problems with the holy models. Global warmingistas base their whole agenda on their “models”. But, time and again, the “models” fail to predict reality. That is because the “models” are wrong! The “models” predict that Antarctica will loose ice on the warmer western edge, but the “models” fail, because the most rapid ice loss is on the cooler eastern edge of the continent. The “models” have predicted a steady rise in global temperature due to CO2, but, as even Phil Jones, the disgraced former head of the CRU, admits,  temperatures have not been rising for the last 15 years. The “models” also predict certain temperature profiles in the atmosphere at certain latitudes due to CO2, but multiple data sets clearly show that not to be the case. Rather than trying to correct their models, the “scientists” state that the measurements must be wrong!

And, of course, if the “models” were correct, they would not be called “models”. They would be referred to as “the model”.

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