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Time Magazine Tells The Tale, But Ignores The Obvious Questions

The September 27, 2010, issue of Time Magazine has yet another tale of woe by Joe Klein. It laments all of the problems in the United States, especially as they relate to jobs, housing, and the economy, but it does not touch on the question of how these woes were foisted upon the American people.

Ten days into my cross-country road trip and I’m not finding much of the fist-shaking, Tea Party anger that you see on television. People are freaked out, though. They’re frustrated and anxious. They’re not too thrilled with Barack Obama’s policies–although even his detractors see him as sincere and trying his best to turn things around–and they’re not at all convinced that the Republicans are prepared to offer anything better, but the anti-incumbent, anti-Establishment mood is palpable. They can diagnose the problems, but they don’t have any strong ideas about solutions. Most of the people at brunch say the government is spending too much, but when I ask whether they’d rather see the government closing the deficit or spending money to create jobs, most of them say jobs. There are ideological contradictions aplenty, which leads me to conclude that the notion of America as a conservative or moderate or liberal country is a fiction created by those of us who sit on top of Mount Opinion. More than a few voters I’ve met seem to be conservative, moderate and liberal all at once. Pat Moll, a police officer who doesn’t like Obama at all, thinks that government should spend money to “put people to work in real jobs that last.”

And what are those real jobs that last? The groups that rule the world, from the Council on Foreign Relations, to the Bilderberg Group, to the Club of Rome, to the Trilateral Commission decided long ago that America had to be brought down. The middle class had to be destroyed so as to bring about an era where the elite few ruled the serfs of the world. The famous “middle class” of the United States was a sore point that had to be eliminated. To that end, things like NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement) and SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership) were initiated and brought into existence. Along with them, it was decided that China, India, and other formerly 3rd world nations  should rise, at the expense of America. Good American jobs had to be outsourced to the rest of the world in the name of  “fairness” and “equality of opportunity”. The United Nations had to impose carbon taxes on the West in an effort to “redistribute wealth” in the name of the manufactured fiction of “global warming”. It is right out of the looters and moochers from Ayn Rand’s brilliant novel “Atlas Shrugged”. (As I reread that novel, which I consider to be the best book ever written, the prescience of Ayn Rand, the similarity between what is happening in the book and what is happening under Obozonomics, the way in which the producers are being punished while the looters are being rewarded in today’s world, is astonishing.)

The “victims” in Joe Klein’s article talk about being laid off for 17 months even after sending out thousands of resumes.

McGraw–another Time reader who asked me to come visit him–has been laid off for 17 months. His wife Sally, a clerical worker, has held five jobs in the past two years and was laid off from four of them. “I’ve sent out maybe 4,000 to 5,000 resumes, all over the world”, McGraw told me. “This is my full-time job. I do it seven days a week. I’ve got 2,300 rejection letters sitting in my computer; the rest didn’t even bother to respond. I understand. I’m 61. They can hire someone 20 years younger than me for less money…But you wonder where this country is going. You wonder how the kids will find jobs and buy houses.”

Of course, this reveals all sorts of problems. First of all, if you have been unemployed for more than a few months, let alone 17 months, you are obviously totally unrealistic about your abilities and/or the market for your skills. Just because you were worth X dollars as a certain type of worker a few years ago does not mean that you are worth X dollars in today’s world. The “powers that be” have decided to “spread the wealth”. Thus, you can now hire a highly competent book-keeper, or telemarketer, or support engineer in India for a small fraction of what that same person would be paid in the United States. So, those jobs, like all jobs, go to the applicant who offers the most “bang for the buck”. So, jobs that only take the skills of being “reasonably” fluent in English and knowledge of a product, whether hardware or software, are going to Indians. They will not come back to Americans until those Americans are willing to work for a lot less money. In a similar way, manufacturing jobs are leaving the country, since the government and unions have insisted on all sorts or rules for American employers, from health care to retirement benefits, that have simply forced American companies to shift their operations and jobs to overseas operations. It is even happening in the jobs that require a lot of training and intelligence; engineering. More and more, the good engineering jobs are being shifted to Asia by American companies because they can find an educated workforce that is technologically savvy and educated in places other than the United States. And, these people are willing to work for a fraction of what American engineers demand.

We keep hearing how so many Americans are out of work. But, it is only because the American government is willing to subsidize unemployment. If unemployment benefits were drastically reduced, those workers who are too prosperous due to unemployment benefits to pick lettuce, clean hotel rooms, and do other jobs “that Americans will not do”, will start doing those jobs. In that case, not only will Americans get a better grasp of their true “value” in the world, but it will stop incentivizing illegal aliens from coming across our border to steal jobs that uneducated and unskilled Americans need (and will covet.)

Yes, it is sad that American workers can no longer expect to be able to make a decent wage that will support what used to be called a “middle class” lifestyle. Like most people in the world, Americans will probably have to give up the idea of owning property, and become renters. Even the best educated of the American workforce will probably have to learn Chinese and accept work assignments in foreign countries. For all of these things, we have the American political system to thank, along with the Council on Foreign Relations, The Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council of Rome, along with the enablers of these organizations such as George Soros, the Clinton’s, the Bush family, Obama and his band of Muslims and Marxists, and the main stream media, who should be put out of business by such trash as that published by Time Magazine.

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