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To The Lunatics Who Insist That The USA Is A Christian Nation

On his blog, today, Hemant Mehta ( pointed out how Chuck Norris was all upset about the fact that the Freedom From Religion Foundation ( is bringing suit to prevent “In God We Trust” from being engraved in the Capitol Visitor’s Center. Norris, and others, keep insisting that the United States is a “Christian nation”. He could not be further from the truth, at least not if you look at our history, as well as the opinions of the founding fathers. First, how many people realize that many of the founding fathers were atheists, or at least deists, which today’s “Christians” would certainly consider to be atheists. To name a few, you had Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin. And, Jefferson and Franklin were about as close to outright atheists as a person could be in those days. Franklin was even quite open about his non-belief in his autobiography, in spite of being raised in a very religious family. Jefferson kept his own “version” of the bible, in which he excised all that he thought ridiculous and untrue. (That would have been things about virgin birth, arising from the dead, parting of the seas, etc, etc.) He also counseled his son, in a letter, to think for himself, and not just “believe” what you were told. Washington and others were more circumspect in their musings on religion, but were clearly not what the religious right would call “Christians” that believe in any sort of personal god.

Furthermore, in the 1797 Treaty of Tripoli, which was unanimously ratified by the Congress of the United States, and signed by president John Adams, it was explicitly stated that the United States is NOT a Christian nation. “As the government of the United States of America is NOT IN ANY SENSE FOUNDED ON THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION, …as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen…” (Emphasis added. Musselmen would be Muslims, by the way.) If anyone knew about the founding of the country, and the founding principles, I think it would be the actual people who founded the country!

The two pictures, below, also show further evidence of the lunacy that the United States is a Christian nation. The first photo shows two dollar bills. They look pretty similar, right? The top one is a 2005 dollar, and the bottom one is a 1928 dollar. So far, so good. The next picture shows the other side of these two bills. Note anything interesting? Aside from the artwork being a bit different, you will notice that “In God We Trust” is NOT on the 1928 dollar. Our country managed to get through more than half of it’s existence without this bit of propaganda showing up.

Just one more “inconvenient truth.”



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