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TSA Screening About Control and Submission Training; Not About Terrorism

I am very glad that I do not have to travel on the airlines and that I have a pilot’s license. In the unlikely event that I have to travel, I can fly myself. I used to love to travel. Flying an airplane was the most enjoyable experience that I could imagine. As a pilot, I’ve flown myself everywhere from the Bahamas to Alaska. I’ve flown everything from 1934 Stearman’s to modern twin engine turboprops. There is little that can compare to the freedom you experience while flying a glider, or in executing aerobatics in a powered aircraft. I actually loved flying so much that I gave up little league baseball because it interfered with watching “Sky King”.

Anyway, everything has now changed. Flying, at least on the airlines, is no longer enjoyable. (Fortunately, I’ve only had to fly on the airlines 3 times since 9/11, and I don’t see myself ever flying on the airlines again.) I hope that the majority of the population of the world agrees with me in this respect. While most people cannot charter an airplane or fly one themselves, there are many people to whom this is a realistic option. If I have to travel in the future, I will simply buy or rent an aircraft and fly myself.But, what of the people that Obama and the people who rule the world intend to make their slaves? What can they do?

First, they must absolutely refuse to submit to the naked body scanners. This is a clear violation of the fourth amendment. (As an electrical engineer and physicist, I actually helped to develop a “naked body scanner” a few years ago. But, the scanner that I helped to develop, while based on the same PNNL patent as the TSA “naked body scanner”,  did not have the extreme resolution that is required by the TSA to supposedly detect hidden weapons and explosives. Furthermore, my client most assuredly did not save the images, since that was not the purpose of the scanner and images were of no use to them. These systems, once they were actually put into production, did not even have the ability to produce images. But, because of my “intimate” knowledge of the technology, I totally reject the TSA’s ability to scan, save, and redistribute the images of naked passengers. And, although they said they did not save the images, we now know that they do when they want to, and the specification for the systems require that the systems be able to store images and make them available at a later time.

Additionally, citizens must refuse to submit to being sexually assaulted by TSA personnel. Jeffrey Goldberg reveals in a recent article in the Atlantic just how intrusive the TSA sexual assault really is. That article also reveals that the TSA employees refer to the naked body scanners as “dick measuring devices”. I would say “NO; I OPT OUT”, and “FUCK YOU VERY MUCH; I WILL NOT BE SEXUALLY ASSAULTED.” Now, of course, the TSA would then escort me out of the airport, but I would have won because I would have contributed to the delay of a flight, or two, or ten. And, perhaps, I would have prevented the TSA from sexually assaulting an underage child or two or ten. But, in any case, my action would delay flights. Eventually, with enough delayed flights, the TSA would have to capitulate and stop the naked body scanning and the sexual assault of innocent flying passengers. In fact, November 24, 2010, the busiest travel day of the year, the day before Thanksgiving, has been declared “National Opt Out Day“. Lets hope the people get the message, and the resulting airport screening chaos causes the government to come to it’s senses and eliminate the useless, humiliating, intrusive, and unconstitutional naked body scanners and the sexual assault at the hands of TSA agents.

Now, I can hear you screaming “What about the terrorists?”. Well, what about them? My understanding is that Muslims do not have to submit to the naked body scanner or the sexual assault at the hands of the TSA screeners. If that is so (and I am not sure that it is), then what is the purpose of the naked body scanners or the sexual assault in the first place, since virtually all terrorists are Muslims?

Now, lets assume that Muslims ARE naked body scanned and sexually assaulted as much as Christians and Jews by the TSA. What is to stop them from igniting a bomb that was inserted into the rectum of the bomber, as was done by Abdullah Asieri in Saudi Arabia in 2009 in an attempt to kill Prince Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, head of Saudi Arabia’s counter terrorism operations? This al-Qaeda operative was flown over many miles in Prince Nayef’s private jet after many screenings. Because the bomb was inserted in his rectum, it was not discovered, since even the Saudi’s did not perform the necessary digital rectal exam to discover the bomb.

Or, what is to prevent a Muslim female from inserting a bomb into her vagina? In both cases, we have instant destruction and no way to detect the bombs other than probing fingers. Are we really ready to submit to digital rectal and vaginal exams to get on an airplane? I don’t think so.  And, for that matter, what is to prevent the bombs from being surgically implanted in the bomber? Ibrahim al-Asiri, the bomber who created the toner cartridge bombs, after all, implanted a bomb in his brother’s rectum. The only reason if failed to kill the intended target was because the “fart” was directed downward, and only injured the Saudi prince it was intended to kill.

I can see it now. 6 hours before your plane flight, you may have to eat a can of beans. Then, before being allowed to board, after a sexual assault or a naked body scan, you may have to fart into a tube that will send the “scent” to a bomb dog. If your fart smells like it might contain PETN, you can’t get on the aircraft. I’m not sure how they will implement this for women, in case they have a bomb up their vagina. But, I’m sure the sick and twisted TSA might be able to come up with a “test”.

But, lets look at the reality. How many dozens, or even hundreds, of surface-to-air missiles have been purchased by terrorists? Each can easily be used to bring down an airliner. How many civilian aircraft could simply be rammed into airliners on approach to, or departure from, major airports? Each would result in the deaths of thousands of people, between those on the ground and those in aircraft. Naked body scans and the sexual assault of potential passengers by TSA employees do nothing to enhance the security of travel, but they do go miles towards the globalist goals of making the people pliant towards governance and global control. After all, they feel that we are just their slaves, and we must obey.


  1. Justice Now says:

    TSA to turn normal citizens into new millionaires?
    Make sure you file a complaint with the police department if you feel molested during your pat down. This will protect your rights should the TSA employee be arrested in the future as a child molester or a sexual predator. Should a report be filed and the individual that did the molestation actually be found guilty, you may be able to sue the police department and TSA for exposing you and endangering your children for failure to catch this predator.
    The legal risks to local and state police departments for closing a case on someone who is later found guilty due to a future arrest is not something to be taken lightly.
    If you or your child was groped by said agent, and you filed a complaint with the Police Department after the incident at the airport, you may be entitled to a large settlement.
    When you opt out, and experience what you may believe is a molestation pat down make sure you ask for a police officer to be called and file a complaint immediately. Follow up to make sure you have the Police report number. Protect your legal rights now. Create a record and a paper trail showing negligence in background screening and investigation follow up. The odds that you are being violated are greater than winning the lotto?

  2. GI Joe says:

    As a veteran I am disgusted with this agency. I have fought for and defended our way of life, and have freinds who have died. I came home to find this BS. What disgusts me more than anything is those Americans whome I have fought for, and my friends who are no longer on this earth whom have fought for them, so they can idiotically surrender the very rights we fought to defend.

    This is about submission. If they are doing this to you today, what will they do to your grandkids. Reagan said we are always one generation away from losing freedom. Do not submit to the machines or this tyranny.

    I have never feared for my Country until I went to an airport. Now I realize why they are leaving my brothers in Iraw and Afghanistan, they are doing it so they can rob the rights of the people without intervention. Stop the madness Protest and Opt out, and then Opt out again. By refundable tickets.