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Two Incredibly Stupid Commercials Brought To You By The Global Warmingistas

There is a new commercial making the rounds created by the people that believe that AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming, that is global warming that is caused by man, as in CO2) will destroy the world, and of course kill the beloved polar bears. I guess these bears are being killed because people are flying around the world in airplanes. Oh, the horror! Imagine being so selfish and shortsighted as to get on an airplane and fly somewhere. (Lets not get into all of the private jets, and fleets of SUV’s, that Al Gore uses to get around.) I don’t know if this came out before or after the whole global warming scare was proven to be a scam, by the release of over 1000 e-mails, and hundreds of damning documents and software showing destruction of evidence, collusion, exclusion of science that did not fit “the agenda”, and other stuff this past week. But, it is really disgusting. And, from my point of view, even if there was man-made global warming that was killing the polar bears, who really cares? Most of us will never see a polar bear except in a zoo, or a stuffed one at Cabelas (great store.) Those who are forced to live among them would probably be happier if they were not around.

I can tell you one thing for sure; I bet this guy wished there were a few less polar bears.

And now, for one of the most horrible, biased, distorted, dishonest scare commercial I have ever seen. This is targeted at little children, and tells them that puppy dogs will drown and bunny rabbits will starve, because their evil parents do things like drive cars and heat their homes.

This is truly disgusting, especially in light of all that we are finding out through climategate relating to the scientific fraud and dishonesty involved in what used to be called “climate science”.


  1. kayla says:

    I really think you’ve got this wrong, we must re-think our ways to preserve animals. The food chain needs to continue in order for life to strive. If polar bears are wiped out, seals will overpopulate killing penguins at record rates creating squid fish and plankton to over populet and ruin the ecosystem creating abnormalities in the population killing our oceans due to the lack of moderations. Sure the ad had illegitament references but their over all point is there. Don’t be so naive, the environment is suffering, we are killing their environment not them killing ours.

  2. Alley says:

    You are probably an American aren’t you?

    Canada has well loved the polar bear, it is part of our history and will continue to be an animal worth saving. If Polar Bears didn’t matter so much, we wouldn’t have put it on our bloody Toonie. Have you ever took time to look on a map to see where Canada is? Our large part of history is about our people surviving the winters, like polar bears. They ARE worth saving. Good luck with going to a zoo, we see them in their natural habitat – happy. But not for long at the rate the world is going.

    Not only that, whether or not global warming IS happening; due to our cause or not, it’s real. Facts are facts. Many people are now suffering the consequences by hurricanes, snow storms, abnormal amount of rain, extreme seasons, and temperature changes. It is the inevitable, but we are learning to deal. Have you ever done the research on our ice sheets up north? Please do your homework.

    People are quick to point fingers; but it is not a matter of who did it, but how can we solve it?

    Please get your facts right before shooting off your bloody mouth.