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Wackjob Judge Lamberth Condemns Millions To Death And Suffering

In yet another example of how the judiciary is subverting the constitution and destroying the United States, yet another wackjob judge has made yet another insane decision. Today, it was announced that District of Columbia district judge Royce Lamberth issued a preliminary injunction stopping federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research. As a stock trader, I was wondering what happened that all-of-a-sudden caused the stock of Stem Cells (STEM) to tank. This was the reason. And, this came on the heels of Stem Cells announcing that they had just made a major breakthrough last week in the application of human stem cells to curing paralysis. On August 19, according to GlobeNewswire, StemCells, Inc., published a major article in the international peer-reviewed journal PLoS ONE (Public Library of Science):

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 19, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — StemCells, Inc. (Nasdaq:STEM) announced today the publication of new preclinical data demonstrating that the Company’s proprietary human neural stem cells restore lost motor function in mice with chronic spinal cord injury. This is the first published study to show that human neural stem cells can restore mobility even when administered at time points beyond the acute phase of trauma, suggesting the prospect of treating a much broader population of injured patients than previously demonstrated. This groundbreaking study, entitled “Human Neural Stem Cells Differentiate and Promote Locomotor Recovery in an Early Chronic Spinal Cord Injury NOD-scid Mouse Model,” was led by Dr. Aileen Anderson of the Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). The paper was published yesterday in the international peer-reviewed journal PLoS ONE, and is available online at

This is a major breakthrough. It is the kind of breakthrough that stem cells have offered for so long, but millions have been denied the benefits of this type of research because of Luddites like George Bush and other religious wingnuts who think that a few cells in a Petri dish, left over from in vitro fertilization efforts, which would be thrown out otherwise,  are human beings. The only good thing that I can think of that Obama has done since taking office is to allow human stem cell research to be resumed in the United States. Now, this moronic judge has not only threatened the welfare of millions of people, but he also caused a huge loss in the stock market, as the graph of STEM shows. I have not yet looked at the stock of other companies involved in stem cell research, but the stock price of STEM is especially instructive. In the graph, you can see what happened to the stock after they made the above announcement (it skyrocketed to almost $1.2 per share), and you can see what happened late this afternoon after the moronic judge’s announcement. Granted, the rapid gap-up on Thursday at the opening bell, and subsequent decline over the rest of Thursday and Friday, was a typical day-trading pattern, since people jump in at the news and then realize that it will be years before the research is available to patients. But, now, it will be even more years before the potential treatment is available, if it is ever developed and proven successful in humans. But, the mere fact that it appears to work in mice is a very encouraging sign, since humans are very close to mice in many ways, and treatments that work in mice are often able to be used on humans.

And, the damage of this kind of stupidity is even more sinister. Already we are loosing jobs in the United States by the millions. Even engineering jobs are now being outsourced, and many American engineers, if they want a future, are going to have to learn Chinese and move to Asia if they want jobs. Young people who might have wanted to be medical doctors are not going to choose that career, since their pay, working location, and working conditions are going to be dictated by Obamacare. Who would want to go through all of the hastle and work and expense of medical school, only to become a slave to Obamacare? And now that the government is apparently going to bow to stupid religiosity and absurd ideas about life, any student who might have been interested in going into stem cell research is also going to have to learn a foreign language and move to another country where people appreciate science and understand that a few cells in a Petri dish is not a human being.

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