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Was Muhammad Shooting Blanks?

I’ve followed Islam for many years, just as I have followed Christianity for a long time. They are both totally without supporting evidence. But, there are some interesting questions that come up in regards to Muhammad. Jesus was  supposedly a virgin (and probably never even existed, anyway).  We know that Muhammad existed, since several of  his front teeth that were knocked out in one of his many battles are in a Mosque.  And, he was known to be a real  barbarian, from the accounts by many historians who lived during his lifetime, the latter part of which was filled with almost constant warring and conquests, while  there is absolutely no contemporaneous historic  evidence that Jesus ever existed. All accounts of his “life” were written decades, or even centuries, after his supposed death. Of those, the most famous was by Josephus, but he was not alive when Jesus supposedly lived, and most historians agree that the brief mention of Jesus in Antiquities XVIII, Chapter 3, section 3 was a forgery inserted in the fourth century CE, by Eusebius, who said that lying for the advancement of the church was acceptable.

Anyway, we  are now looking  at Muhammad. We  all know that his “favorite wife” was Aisha. He  married her when she was a 6 year old child, and he was in his 50’s. He consummated  the marriage when she was 9 years old. Why did she never become pregnant? Of course, at 9, she might not yet have reached puberty, but that is unlikely, since Islam puts such a high value on having daughters married off by the time they reach puberty, and this has descended from the teachings of Muhammad. But, when Muhammad died, she was 16 or 17, so she certainly would have been old enough to conceive, then. As time went on, Muhammad married many more women, including his son-in-law’s wife (after he convinced his son-in-law to divorce her, since Muhammad had seen her naked, and lusted after her), perhaps because he was desperate to have a son. But, while he had sex with them repeatedly, there were  no children. Apparently, Muhammad  was shooting blanks in his later life. (He did have several daughters with his first wife, but no children after he became a “prophet” and invented a religion.) Why is this not discussed?  Why are there no special Islamic ruling elevating impotent men? After all, Muhammad was the perfect man. You might think this vital aspect of his life might be mentioned and revered somewhere in the Koran or Hadiths, but I don’t believe it is.

I guess, in a sense, he would not have needed Muhammad Brand Condoms.

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