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Washington Fiddles While USA (may be ready) To Burn

I have been ranting and raving for years about the threat of EMP weapons to the USA. As has been pointed out many times in Congressional testimony, our enemies know all about it, although less than 1 in 50 Americans knows about the threat. Iran has launched missiles that blew up in mid flight. We called them failures, They called them successes. Why? Iran launched a missile from a ship in the Caspian Sea. Why? They have plenty of land from which to launch a missile. Dr. Graham speculates, along with many other experts, that the purpose of blowing up a missile in mid-flight is to simulate exploding a nuclear weapon at high altitude, thus creating an EMP attack. In a similar way, Iran, and North Korea, do not have the capability, at the moment, to hit the USA mainland with a missile launched from their country. But, lofting a SCUD missile, tipped with a crude nuclear device, from a freighter, off the coast of America, would be totally doable. Plus, it would have total deniability. If they sank the ship shortly after the missile launch, the USA could never determine the home zip code of the destructive missile. Plus, of course, if this was done by al Qaeda, there was never a return address. This situation is just what was proposed in Dr. William Forstchen’s book. (By the way, I read the book, and highly recommend it. Although it is a bit overly dramatic in some areas, it is a true wakeup call. I can forgive the scientific inaccuracies and exaggerations due to the fact that it is a work of fiction, although based on reality.)

As pointed out in many Congressional testimonials, as well as other sources, Iran (and North Korea), is interested in attacking the USA with an EMP weapon. Their tests have shown that is what they want to do, and their “successes” have shown that they have the capability. I will be going into this situation in much more detail in later posts, (and maybe even a book), but I wanted to introduce a first video, just to whet the appetite of potential readers, and to get my feelings and opinions out there in the public arena. (Also, I need to learn how to edit videos, and produce videos, to support my claims. So, I am starting with some really simple stuff, as I “learn the ropes” of publication.)

The following video is from the July 10, 2008 House Armed Services Committee Hearings. It was very poorly attended, as was noted by House Member Roscoe Bartlett at the beginning of the hearing. This hearing was one of several, on the subject of the vulnerability of the USA to both cyber and terrorist attacks against the electrical infrastructure. As was pointed out during this hearing, and as I will further document in future publications, the government of the USA did, basically, nothing, in spite of the dire predictions of these hearings. In fact, in a similar hearing in 2009, it was pointed out that perhaps some of the needed steps could have been great “stimulus” programs, that would not only create jobs, but protect Americans from an attack, either cyber, EMP, or “natural” on the electrical infrastructure, but, the USA government was not interested.

While we are at it, what is a “natural” attack? Well, the sun has things called sun spots. Recently, the sun has been very quiet, and has had very few (actually no) sun spots. (That may be why the temperatures have been so low, in the last few years, but that is another one of my favorite topics, about which I will have much to say in the future.) Anyway, a “natural” attack would be when the solar activity causes electromagnetic storms that can, and do, interfere with our electrical grid, as well as satellites. Both have been severely disrupted in the past due to solar storms, and both will be disrupted in the future due to solar storms. Any actions that we take to “harden” (that is reduce the susceptibility to damage from electromagnetic forces) the system, will save us from serious disruptions caused by both natural and un-natural (that is man-made, or terrorist-created) disruptions.

In the first of a series of reports, I show excerpts from a video of the House Armed Services Committee Hearings on EMP, from July 10, 2008. This particular video shows Mr. Bartlett setting the scene of a USA destroyed by an EMP attack from an unknown actor (ie Iran or al Qaeda or North Korea). They set off a nuclear device 300 miles above the heartland of the USA, thereby sending the USA back into the 19th century. Mr. Bartlett is setting up the story as told in a fictional work, “One Second After”, written by Dr. William R. Forstchen. But, he asks Dr. Robert Graham, the expert for the USA government committee on EMP, if this was reasonable, or a totally fictional accounting of an EMP attack. Dr. Graham proceeds to say that we cannot know what would really happen in an EMP attack, because we have never experience one, but that it is not unreasonable to predict that about 90% of Americans would perish in such an attack. This would reduce the USA to a 19th century nation and economy, where the only people who would, or could, survive, would be those who were totally self-sufficient.

I will be expanding on this in the next few weeks, because I feel that it is not only critical for Americans to understand, but because there is so much more to say (and see) about this matter. There is plenty more testimony where this came from, and it does not bode well for the future of America, or the competence of our government.

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