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We Are All Made Of Star-Stuff

An excellent video about the findings and discoveries of Carl Sagan. He stated, “We are all made of star-stuff”.  If only more people appreciated the genius of this man. He popularized science, and made it understandable to the common man. “We are star-stuff” was one of his favorite sayings, and it is truly amazing when you realize that your very existence is dependent upon former super-novae. How many people in the world, today, realize that they would not exist if former stars had not exploded into super-novae, thereby creating many of the atoms in their bodies, and in the world around us. Without super-novae, we would not have any of the heavy metals. Without super-novae, we would not have many of the atoms that make up the very bodies of humans!

It is a shame that Carl Sagan died at a young age, before he could spread the word of science to a population that is increasingly lead to believe in the pseudoscience preached by morons like Oprah Winfrey, Jenny McCarthy, and others. Just look at how much damage was done by George Bush’s ignorance in science. Because of his ludicrous policy, it was ok to destroy embryos from in-vitro fertilization programs that were not needed, but it was not allowed to use them for scientific research. Because of that single, moronic policy, thousands, or perhaps millions of people, will have died in the coming decades because of the damage done to science by that ignorant policy. Plus, think of all of the students that might have gone into the field of stem cell research who could not enter the field, or who were forced to move to South Korea, or other reasonable countries, because of the insane policies of George Bush. It is sad, and criminal. Given the total lack of scientific literacy of Americans, including the “political elite of America”, it is no surprise that America is rapidly becoming a banana republic. In a few years, because of the hold on American politicians by religious wack jobs, America will be a total wasteland, in terms of science and technology.

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