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What’s With Barack Osama’s Salutes and Bows?

Maybe there is something to the concerns over his American bona fides, that apparently got Lou Dobbs fired. He does seem to have a unique crotch salute when it comes to the American flag, as shown in this video from 2008 during the playing of the American national anthem.

You would think he might learn from a gaffe, it it was one, but apparently it was not, since he gives the same crotch salute at a 2009 Memorial Day event.


Now, this is not to say that the President never pays respect to a flag, or a national anthem. Here he is in Russia, listening to the Russian national anthem.


And then there is the matter of bowing. No American president bows to any world leader. But, Barack Osama seems to like to curtsy before various world leaders. Again, if it was a gaffe, you would think he would have learned from this experience, when he bowed before the leader of Saudi Arabia. (Saudi Arabia for God’s sake; home of most of the 9/11 butchers!)


But, it must not have been a mistake, because here he is, today, bowing to the leader of Japan.


It does make one wonder.

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