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Where’s The Outrage? 105,000 Christians Killed Each Year For Their Faith

I was  shocked by an article that I recently read.  According to the article, 105,000 Christians are murdered each year for being Christians. This does not include victims of civil wars or wars between nations. It is the number killed simply for admitting that they are Christians!

Where is the outrage? Where is the main stream media on this story? Where is the United Nations? Of course, we know the answers. Since most of the Christians who are killed are killed by Muslims, members of the supposed “religion of peace”, nobody dares to talk about it. After all, if you say something that upsets these peaceful Muslims, we know from 1300 years of history that they may go on the war path and riot, burn, loot, murder, rape, and pillage. So, the main stream media won’t touch the story. The UN won’t, either, since it is largely dominated by the OIC, the 57 member Organization of the Islamic Conference, which is dedicated to guiding the world to domination by, and submission to, Islam. Christians around the world need to wake up to this unspoken atrocity.

And, you are being told to wake up by an atheist. Personally, I think of  religion as a silly waste of time, money, and effort, since they are all so plainly the result of the fears and ignorance of ancient men (and I mean men). Also, their myths, lies, and legends are often based on stories from ancient Greek mythology. How many Christians realize that virgin birth at Christmas and the murder and rising from the dead 3 days later at Easter are common themes in ancient Greek (and Hindu) mythology? Probably not many. But, people have a right to believe whatever they want to believe, as long as those beliefs don’t affect official public policy or the freedoms and beliefs of other people. While Christians generally keep their beliefs to themselves, excepting for a few annoying people who come to your door with close-cropped hair and dark suits, Muslims certainly do not. They believe it is their duty to spread Islam throughout the world, by force if necessary, until there are no people but Muslims.

We’ve all heard how the Middle East is awakening to democracy. Unfortunately, this too is a lie put forth by the main stream media, since they either are too clueless to really understand what is happening, or too politically correct to report on the truth. I wrote an article a few months ago pointing out that what was happening in the Middle East was not a drive to democracy, but a drive to the total Islamization of the Middle East. Of course, now my statements are becoming obvious to many, although most people are still under the misguided notion that the Middle East is moving towards modern, liberal democracy, as understood in the West. The only way the movement can be declared a democratic movement is if you consider the people as voting for what they think they want and getting it, because what they want is Islam and Sharia law, and that is what they are getting. Unfortunately for them and the rest of the world, Islam is a totalitarian, barbaric, misogynistic ideology, and it totally rejects democracy. After all, democracy is rule of the people by the people; Islam is total submission to the “rule” of Allah. People are nothing but insignificant cogs in the wheel of Islam. And, if you are not a Muslim, you are either dhimmis (third class citizens), or you must be executed. (Muslim women are second class citizens under Sharia.)

Now that some of the strong-men who tried to keep the people in Muslim nations under control (necessarily by force), like Mubarak, are gone, and other similar rulers like Gaddafi and  al-Assad will soon be gone, the Muslim Brotherhood is slowly, but surely, taking over. We see Islamists like Mustafa Abdel-Jalil taking control in Libya. We see Christian churches and homes being burned with abandon in Egypt, and Christians are being beaten and killed in Egypt and other Muslim nations where the Muslims are feeling liberated to do what they want without government interference.

It is time that people wake up to the existential threat posed by Islam. Think about how much better the world would be without Islam. How much better would our economy be if we had not pissed away almost $3 trillion dollars in useless, misguided wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan? Think about the fact that almost 75% of wars in the world, today, are because of Islam. Think about the fact that, on average, one Christian is being killed every 5 minutes because of their faith, and the killer is almost always a Muslim.


  1. basher uzzol says:

    One eye view. Most of the religion is same.

  2. Stacy Wootten says:

    I don’t understand why Christians don’t form militias to protect themselves.
    Luke 22:36 plainly warns Christians that they should arm and protect themselves..
    But I guess a lot of Christians just don’t want to admit or even think about that fact.
    Jesus knew that trouble was brewing, so he mentioned arming yourselves and it’s importance..

  3. Timothy Ready says:

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  4. Timothy Ready says:

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