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Who Is This Person?

This is the story of a life. Depending on your country of origin and your family background, you may think you know who this person is, but you might be wrong. I know, it was not something that I had ever been taught while growing up, but I was raised in the United States, and indoctrinated into Christianity.

He was born on December 25, of a virgin mother. She had been impregnated by a god. His earthly father was a carpenter. He was born in very simply, meager surroundings, and wise men and shepherds, guided by a star, visited him shortly after he was born. All was not good, however. When the ruler of the land found out about his birth, he issued a decree that all of the young male babies were to be killed. Fortunately, the parents were able to flee to another land with the newborn baby before he could be found and killed.

Growing up, the child proved to be very precocious, but was also “difficult”, and caused the parents much consternation. As he grew older, he headed out into the wilderness for long periods of time, during which he fasted frequently. As he grew older, he acquired 12 followers, or disciples. He spent his time healing the sick, including lepers, and performing miracles. He could raise the dead. He was the perfect man, but also god. He was sent to earth to atone for the sins of mankind. He proclaimed “I am the resurrection.”  While being a friend to the poor, he was often reviled for associating with sinners.

His life on earth ended when he was in his 30’s. After a dinner with his disciples, he was crucified between 2 thieves. A few days later, he arose from the dead and ascended into heaven, after spending a short period of time on earth, again. This ascension was witnessed by many people.

So, who is he? If you guessed Krishna, the Hindu god, the son of Brahma, who was supposedly crucified about 1200 BCE, you would be correct. But, I suspect you imagined this was the biography of someone else. Face it, Christianity is just another retelling of  ancient tales created by ignorant people who lived thousands of years ago. They had no understanding of science, or the way things really worked, so they made up stories that they found satisfying, and explanatory.

Most of the information in this post comes from “The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors”, by Kersey Graves. It is an eye-opening book, and I highly recommend it.

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