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Why Not Spread Good Students’ GPA Around Like Dems Want To Redistribute Wealth?

I love this one. A recently graduated college student made up a brief survey asking students with high GPAs (Grade Point Averages for the socialists out there) if they would be willing to have some of their points contributed to students who were not as successful as them. After all, that is what the democrats and many hypocritical rich people (like Warren Buffet) want to do in the United States with the wealth of the successful, hard working citizens. We keep hearing them say how taxes need to be raised on the rich, ignoring the fact that the rich, who, for the most part, worked hard to become rich, already pay way too much in taxes.

In an article from Fox News, Oliver Darcy, the college student proposing the transfer of excess GPA that a student may have earned to a student with a lesser GPA found his proposal to be generally rejected by the high GPA students, although many thought that wealthy people should be forced to have their wealth transferred to less wealthy people.

“They all earn their GPA,” said Darcy in an interview with “Fox and Friends.” “So we asked them if they’d be interested in redistributing the GPA points that they earned to students who may be having trouble getting a high GPA.”

In fact, one student was quite blunt about his feelings about transferring some of his “excess” GPA to a student in need of a better GPA.
“If I do give GPA points to students that don’t deserve it, it isn’t fair, I work for what I have.”
Some students also felt it was unfair for them to be made to pay their “fair share” (about $47,000) of the national debt that they currently owe.


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