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Why We Cannot Win The War On Islam, or The New Crusade, Unless We Identify The Enemy

We have spent decades in a state of denial. It actually started in the 1970’s, with the Olympic massacre. Then, Jimmy Carter let the Muslims have their way in Iran. He did nothing! By then, the Muslims knew that the West had lost it’s way, and that they would never fight to bring right, again. We fought in World War 1, and we won a decisive war against evil. We reluctantly entered World War II, and won a war against fascism and evil. In fact, in World War II, we faced some of the same type of insane ideology that caused many Japanese citizens to become homicide bombers; we just called them “kamikazes”.  But, in the first two world wars, we knew what we were fighting for, and we knew the enemy. I am not going to go into the first world war too much, here, since the history is older, and the lessons of the second world war are more immediate and pressing.

During the second world war, Hitler had decided that he was going to take over the world. He was going to exterminate the Jews. If we had not joined the war effort, there is no doubt that we would be speaking German, and there would no longer be any Jews in the world. But, we not only joined the fight, but we knew who our enemies were, and we identified them. Germany, Italy, and Japan. We took precautions to make sure that Germans and Italians in the United States did not subvert our government; we took steps to minimize the chances that German and Italian spies could learn our secrets. After the treacherous attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, we went to war with Japan. And, we named Japan as an enemy, and we took steps to ensure that the Japanese citizens in the United States could not transmit information to the Japanese government. We put them in internment camps. For this, America has been denigrated. But, we knew it must be done. We did it, and we won the war. Could we have won the war if we did not do this? I don’t know. Frankly, I don’t care. It was a small price to pay for ensuring that our security was not violated. We are now not only not watching Muslims in America, but we are actually allowing them into our military, our security services, and our government itself. As we know, this has had disastrous results, culminating with the murder spree of Major Nidal Hasan in Ft. Hood, but also including the treachery of Muslim interpreters who not only deliberately slowed down and falsified translations, but who also openly celebrated the attacks on the United States by Osama bin Laden on 9/11. How stupid can we be. We must identify and marginalize the enemy if we ever intend to win this war on Islam.

Today, we are at war with Islam. But, who tells you that? Barack Obama (at least at one time a Muslim)? NO! George Bush, widely denigrated for torturing “prisoners” who were not really prisoners, because they did not fall under the Geneva Convention? NO! (He probably came the closest to saying the truth, that it is a war on Islam, but he never could quite bring himself to say it.) Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Sarah Palin, or even John McCane? No, nobody is telling you the truth. Not only do they not tell you the truth, but they don’t even allow truthful words to be spoken. A while ago, Obama stated that the “war on terror” is no longer to be called a “war on terror”; it is an overseas contingency operation! SAY WHAT? Are you kidding me? That is like in the old days when you could not call a “walk in closet” a “walk in closet” because you might “offend” somebody in a wheel chair! To make it even more absurd, “big sister” Janet Napolitano declared that terrorist incidents  could no longer be called terrorist incidents. They had to be called “man-caused” disasters. How totally stupid is that?! Well, we found out on December 25, 2009, when a crazed Muslim homicide bomber tried to blow himself up on Northwest flight 253, en route from Amsterdam to Detroit, better known as Detroitistan. And, the blogger who leaked the TSA document that mentioned a “terrorist” attack was threatened by jack booted federal agents to identify the source of the leak. Apparently, Napolitano had her panties in a knot because someone had the balls to use the term “terrorist” instead of “man-made disaster” in an internal memo. Obviously, one of Obama’s first moves in the new year must be to fire Napolitano.

What upsets me more than most things about this atrocity is that Napolitano had the audacity to say the the “system worked”, but she also sicked the TSA and federal agents on some bloggers who reported on the fact that some poor, unfortunate employee at the TSA did not get the “message” and released a classified briefing bulletin that used the dreaded word “terrorist”, instead of “man-caused disaster makers”, as I reported. I kid you not!

Before we go any further, lets get some things straight. There is no war on terror. There is no war on “man-made” disasters. There is no “overseas contingency operation.” We are at war with Islam. We are at war with Muslims. This is a new Crusade. The enemies of Western civilization (Muslims) have declared war on us. They have basically said that we must convert to Islam, pay the jizya and live as dhimmis, or be killed. Period. It really is very simple. Have you heard any mainstream Muslim group deny this? Of course not. Have you heard CAIR deny this? Of course not. In fact, the co-founder of CAIR, Omar Ahmad, and the long-time chairman of CAIR, stated, in 1998:

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant,” and, “The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”

Clearly, this is one sick, deranged, person. But, he is one of the foremost spokesmen for Islam in the United States!The main stream media, as well as government agencies, refer to CAIR, and bow down to CAIR. FBI agents even have to remove their shoes when entering a mosque! How stupid is that? That is sending exactly the wrong message; the message that we respect their barbarian, 7th century ideology. We do not, or at least we certainly should not. We must get over this leftist relativism where all cultures and civilizations and ideas are equal. They are not. Some are superior, and some are simply representative of 7th century barbarism and misogyny.

The most important thing that the Western World must realize about Islam is that it IS NOT a religion. It is, like Nazism, an ideology. But, Islam is even worse than Nazism, in that it defines what you do every minute of your day. It even tells you what foot to use when entering the bathroom, and what foot to use when leaving, as well as what hands or fingers to use while you are in that bathroom. Unlike normal religions, Islam is a religion, a system of law, and a system of government. That is why it cannot be considered a “religion”, and is thus not protected by freedom of religion in the United States. Islam has been hiding behind this protection for too long, and it is time that people wake up and realize that Islam is much more than just a religion.

Bin Laden also declared war on America. What is it about a declaration of war that we refuse to understand? When are we finally going to realize that we are at war with Islam? Maybe when we are all sticking out asses in the air waiting to be fucked by Allah and banging our heads on the rug so that we can have that ugly “whatever” on our foreheads that you see on Ayman al-Zawahiri, as well as many current and dead terrorists?

The situation is simple. We are at war with Islam. We have been for almost 4 decades. We’ve been at war with Islam for most of the last 1300 years. We just had them contained, in a box so to speak, for the last couple of hundred years. But, we let our guard down, and they got bold, again, wanting to recreate the old “glory days” when they had conquered and subjugated most of the civilized world. There are those that will say, “No, we are at war with “radical” Islam”. But, as the Prime Minister of Turkey, Erdogan,  a former friend and ally of the United States so famously stated a few months ago:

“These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

So, there you have it from the horses mouth, so to speak. Islam is Islam. In other words, you cannot be a Muslim and denounce Jihad, or Holy War, because that is at the very foundation of Islam. Islam was found by the sword, and Islam will die by the sword (or a few hundred nuclear weapons.)

Americans have been amazingly patient up until this time. The Muslim world is lucky that America did not demand the destruction of Islam in 2001. It is a shame it did not, because there are only three ways this can work out.

1) Islam is destroyed. That is, the Muslim population of the world is simply eliminated. This is what was done to the Aztec’s, with their barbaric human sacrifice. Today, we have no Aztecs and their barbaric human sacrifice.

2) Islam has a reformation. That is, it goes back and realizes that it is an ancient, barbaric religion based in the 7th century world. It will go and strike from it’s beliefs all violent phrases and teachings, and will grant equal rights to women, and will treat people of other faiths, or of non-faith, with total respect and dignity. (I am not betting on this one.)

3) Muslims are “re-educated”, and taught that their “prophet” was nothing more than a common barbarian pedophile. He was not the messenger of god, he was not the perfect man, and his sayings were nothing more than the rantings of a schizophrenic. This is basically what we did with the Japanese after World War II. (Of course, a bit of solution 1 had to be applied before the Japanese recognized the wisdom of solution 3.)

My guess, in the end, is that the Muslim solution will consist of a bunch of situation 1, followed by a bit of situation 3, pretty much like what had to be done with the Japanese. But, in the case of the Japanese, it eventually resulted in a great friendship, mutual respect, and a great trading situation.

In any case, I do not see any other solution. Our government does a huge disservice to all people involved when they refuse to name the enemy. Without naming the enemy, you cannot possibly hope to defeat them. We hear, repeatedly, how “prisoners” from Gitmo go back to become terrorists. Well of course they do. We do nothing in Gitmo to “decondition” them, as we would do with other people trapped in a cult. We should treat prisoners in Camp Gitmo as brain-washed victims of a cult, which they are. (The cult of Islam.) But, instead of trying to break their ties to Islam, we do just the opposite. We treat the Koran with respect; extreme respect. This is a mistake, since we do not respect the Koran, or their religion. Rather than only handling the Koran in white gloves, which gives the exact wrong impression, we should issue Koranic toilet paper. That is, each page of the toilet paper would contain a page of the Koran. Instead of offering them Imams that help them to further their jihad, we should offer them serious psychological reprogramming sessions, basically what you would offer to other victims of a cult.

If we are not willing to reprogram the “detainees” at Gitmo, to eliminate their Muslim tendencies, then we should just shoot them; take no prisoners. In the end, as I said, we have 3 choices. We must choose among them. If we don’t choose, then choice one is the default solution, because it then becomes kill or be killed, and we will not be killed.


  1. Joe Six-Pack says:

    I agree with you on almost everything. However, I disagree with he statement: “Today, we are at war with Islam.”

    It is more accurate to say that Islam is at war against us. Although I am at war against Islam, our country is not. As you have said, (In other words) this must change before we can win. I am afraid that it will require the same weapons that defeated the only prior instance of repeated suicide attack in human history. Nuclear weapons. I wish we had the political will to wage the offensive warfare that is necessary to accomplish this conventionally, but I do not think so.

  2. onward christian soldiers says:

    I am a British citizen, living in scotland. I agree 100 per cent with your comments. We are at war with Islam, we are in a very strong position at the moment as our armies are powerful but the longer we leave it the stronger this cancer that is Islam will grow. We have to do something about it now, yet no one will. I fear that my children will live in a world where they are persecuted by muslims, and they will ask why didnt our fathers prevent this when they had the chance. How many of us will take up the fight now to prevent this day ever arriving?

  3. Mohammed Binlaswad says:

    I do not agree with you. Take it from me
    Islam is a god RELIGION not you or the whole
    World can defeat Islam and by the end you
    Are going to wish you becom a muslam, just
    Remember this.

  4. ThePatriot says:

    Thanks Mohammed, you prove our point. The blogger is spot on.. This is a war perpetrated by Muslims against a country that wishes not to fight. It is far time we get our heads out of the sand and see this war for what it is.

  5. Boogieman says:

    I believe it will eventually come down to the individual Western citizens to take up this fight, because our governments and politicians have become eunuchs and will not do what is necessary. Some day, all of us will have to make a choice: whether to submit to Islam or fight for our way of life. We must make the decision to never submit, and our leaders can either follow us, or get out of the way.

  6. ajvin says:

    i agree, im frm phillipines and so tired of seing news about terorist, islam must vanished. Selfish and damn belief of those islam people must changed or they must join osama in his cold grave

  7. islam is satan says:

    Although I´m officially agnostic, I will defend the Western way of life to the point of becoming a Crusader, if necessary. We Spaniards didn´t surrender to the evil force known as islam even after 7 centuries of suffering the islamic cancer, so you, satan-mohammed can start passing the word around your satan-brothers about the dark future that awaits you all sons of satan-alláh. Can´t wait for the 21-century Crusades !!

  8. emir says:

    noone can win a war against islam. the second crusade will end like the first ones. we saw this christian hate before. so all the crusader mf’s go do your mamas.

  9. Animals only respond to force says:

    There is no reasoning with these animals. They only respond to barbaric force and what type of horrible situation will it take to wake up Christians and any decent human beings to fight back against these monsters. Murdering people for a drawing? Stoning rape victims to death? Give me a break. These cowards are waging a not so covert war and could never stand face to face with their enemies..its so pathetic. They resort to bombing innocent civilians and controlling their own population through murder, torture and lies.

    Do these filthy animals actually think there are 72 virgins waiting for them?? lol! They are long out of dirty muslim virgins for all the cowards we stuck in a pine box. I play the lottery in hopes of financing a Christian terrorist organization to slaughter these pigs in their own lands and fight back for all of humanity.

    These muslims that leave comments on boards like these are the little worms in real life that have not the balls to speak to your face but would shoot you in the back. I would shoot you in the face you chicken sh*t muslims.

    The day will come when we will stomp you back into the shitholes you came from.